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Tonia Kiawu

Executive Director

Greetings! I am Tonia Kiawu, a passionate advocate for women's empowerment and the driving force behind Glorious Women's Empowerment Ministries. As a mother off our boys, I am deeply grateful for the love, mercy, and grace that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continues to bestow upon us.

Founding Glorious Women's Empowerment Ministries was a calling, a divine connection, as I recognized the ever-present guidance of our Lord in our lives. My journey has been one of resilience and faith, knowing that our Lord perfects all that concerns us, and His love strengthens us through any challenges we face.

Through this ministry, we aim to uplift and transform the lives of women, fostering sisterhood and collective support. We believe that every woman has the power to rise and shine, just like the glorious sunrise over the horizon. Our mission is to provide a nurturing sanctuary where women can discover their purpose, embrace their uniqueness, and grow in confidence and resilience.
As you explore our website, my heartfelt prayer is that the Lord grants you eyes to see the beauty of His plan for your life, ears to hear His gentle voice of guidance, and a heart to understand the depth of His love and empowerment.

May the sovereign Lord be glorified and magnified in all aspects of your life and family, as we walk this empowering journey together.


In His abounding love and grace,
Tonia Kiawu Founder, Glorious Women's Empowerment Ministries


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